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This week we're trying something a little different. This week I recorded an episode of the Fire On Your Head podcast solo. That means this week there is no guest. This is the first time I've recorded a podcast this way in nearly 7 years. In the past I've made 5-10 minute introductions often times before getting to the recorded interviews. This time, it's just 35 minutes or so of me sharing from my heart and updating you on a few things; my latest book, and why I won't be giving it away [Continue reading...]
I originally recorded this podcast episode in early January. I knew when recording it I was going to hold on to it since the content of the discussion was ever-green. I knew I was going to be having some new guests on the podcast (primarily Praying Medic and Dan Silva) and wanted to save this discussion with Dr Crosby until after I had recorded and published those ones, then publish this one possibly during the inevitable hiatus that having my first child is going to cause this show to go on [Continue reading...]
TheGiantVermin / / CC BY-NC-NDThis week we interview Praying Medic, author of Divine Healing Made Simple for our second of two episodes. This week I ask our guest his opinion of when different healing evangelists have been arrested for "practicing medicine without a license". What exactly does that mean, and are we inadvertently doing that ourselves when we minister divine healing to the sick or hurting? Should Christians give anybody medical advice? If a person who believes in divine [Continue reading...]
Pavel P. / / CC BYThis week we interview Praying Medic, the author of Divine Healing Made Simple for our first of two episodes. We start off chatting about blogging, and discuss how we met online which led to our guest discussing what inspired him to write his book and how long the process took him. Then we get to the crux of today’s episode: why are some people not healed, and why do others who are genuinely healed sometimes lose their healing later? I think you will really appreciate [Continue reading...]
Fadzly @ Shutterhack / / CC BY-NC-NDThis week I was privileged to have on the podcast Dan Silva, a fellow blogger and author of the fairly new book, It's All About Jesus: What They Never Told You in Church. I enjoyed talking to Dan. I've been following his site for a few years, along with his Facebook page and have enjoyed the posts and articles he's written. I have even more respect for him after hearing more about his journey from Sunday churchianity, to burn out, to a renewed passion [Continue reading...]
There is no Christianity without experiencing God. Yet so many people admit that they have a difficult time experiencing God's presence or hearing God's voice. Why is this and how can we fix that in our own lives? This week we have Eric William Gilmour on the podcast and he passionately shares about cultivating a union with Christ and walking in intimacy with Him. Eric is a graduate of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. Thousands have been touched by his audio compilations and writings [Continue reading...]