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Today I'm going to do something I've never quite done before. I initially sat down to write this after meditating on and praying into just what building the Lord's church looks like. I had recently talked to a friend and teacher of mine in Bible school named Bob Gladstone that helped stir some things up in my foundational thinking. Simultaneous to that I just finished reading Frank Viola's book From Eternity To Here, and came across something that gave words to what I've been feeling. From [Continue reading...]
  Greetings friends. I've got quite a different episode of the show for you today -- unlike any I've recorded before. No, not because every episode is unique and so of course it stands to reason that this one is too. A number of months ago a listener of the show named David sent me an email through our Fire Press email account, telling me he was a long-time fan and wanted to know if I would be interested in previewing a copy of a book by his pastor, who also is a long-time fan of [Continue reading...]
  This week on the podcast I am privileged to have an interview with a friend and former teacher of mine in my days at FIRE School of Ministry named Bert Farias. He and his son Daniel recently co-wrote a book called My Son, My Son: Fathering and Training a Holy Generation. It was an honor to be able to talk to Brother Bert Farias in this capacity. I remember being a little intimidated by him in my days in Bible college (which in all honesty, I was intimidated by all of my teachers [Continue reading...]
Recently I was approached by Bryan Entzminger about being a guest on his podcast, Engaging Missions. Since I love to podcast, and to a lesser extent, love to do as little as necessary in producing them, it was great to basically get to record this but have someone else take care of the recording and editing. As we talked, he let me share some exciting things about how mine and Lili's ministry has shifted over time on the mission field, and some of the amazing things God has been doing in the [Continue reading...]
This week I got to interview Jeremy Mangerchine on the podcast to discuss his recent book The Longest Bridge Across Water: An Ordinary Man's Encounters with an Unordinary God. Thanks to technology, I was able to talk to him while he sat parked somewhere in New Orleans on his cell phone while I sat at my desk in Peru. I've been doing this show for years, and I still get jazzed up about the fact I can basically have a conversation with anybody in the world thanks to the internet, and record [Continue reading...]
This week I was privileged to finally have Michael Dow on the show. He has spent his entire saved life in a few different types of ministries, one of which was a missional community called King's People in Charlotte, N.C. He now is apprenticing with Daniel Kolenda, of Christ For All Nations, doing massive crusade evangelism around the world. Shortly after having published the podcast interview/discussion I had with Eric Gilmour back in January, Eric sent me a message out of the blue suggesting [Continue reading...]