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This week I was privileged to finally have Michael Dow on the show. He has spent his entire saved life in a few different types of ministries, one of which was a missional community called King's People in Charlotte, N.C. He now is apprenticing with Daniel Kolenda, of Christ For All Nations, doing massive crusade evangelism around the world. Shortly after having published the podcast interview/discussion I had with Eric Gilmour back in January, Eric sent me a message out of the blue suggesting [Continue reading...]
First, I share some updates about new editions in the Kingdom of God since having recorded today's show, and developments since last week's episode. Then we get down to business and I continue some of my thoughts from last week about making disciples and seeing the Kingdom of God multiply in our local context here in Peru. On top of the testimonies, I provide a framework for how we could see revival take place if each one of us were leading one person to Christ each year and discipling [Continue reading...]
This week we do another "guestless" episode of Fire On Your Head. I share about some of the awesome ways God is bringing His Kingdom to Los Cedros, Peru, and exciting new opportunities we're making an impact on our neighbors. Then in the last segment I share about the impact of the late Steve Hill on my life. Enjoy! Blog posts referenced in today's show: Steve Hill's impact on my life (written shortly after hearing news of his passing) Oikos Cedros: Praying with and For Our Neighbors Praying [Continue reading...]
This week we have Dr. Stephen Crosby joining us again as we discuss the hot button topic of grace. Is there a balance that people on both sides of this debate can agree on? Is a balance necessary? We discuss fruit vs. roots when it comes to personal holiness and whether grace preachers and their counterparts are really hearing each other fairly. As usual, you don't want to miss this discussion! Don't forget to enter our contest to win a $30 gift certificate from Amazon along with [Continue reading...]
This week I got to have on the podcast Zack Hunt, author of the popular blog, The American Jesus. We discussed the origins and inspiration of The American Jesus, and how a blogger can walk the fine line of being poignant and being humorous. We also discuss the polarization that faith-based movies are causing in the Christian subculture and what should our reaction be to it. It was a real privilege for me because I've been following Zack's often humorous and oft-poignant blog for about a year, [Continue reading...]
This week we're trying something a little different. This week I recorded an episode of the Fire On Your Head podcast solo. That means this week there is no guest. This is the first time I've recorded a podcast this way in nearly 7 years. In the past I've made 5-10 minute introductions often times before getting to the recorded interviews. This time, it's just 35 minutes or so of me sharing from my heart and updating you on a few things; my latest book, and why I won't be giving it away [Continue reading...]