This week we finally release an interview I've been sitting on for a couple of months with Brian Guerin, itinerant minister with Bridal Glory International, and author of the new book God of Wonders: Experiencing God's Voice Through Signs, Wonders, and Miracles. This episode flows nicely with what we've been talking about concerning the collective Bride of Christ and we get back to "the upper room" again. We started off today with learning a little bit about Brian and his testimony, and [Continue reading...]
Today's podcast is another word of encouragement that follows along the thoughts I began unpacking in the last podcast -- or at least the last one I did alone without a guest -- Come Up Out of Babylon and Build God's Temple. You don't have to listen to that one first before jumping straight in today, but it might help. If you have the Stitcher Radio app on your smartphone, click the “listen later” button below and save this show for later. Recenly Shaun Wissmann, who I’ve had on [Continue reading...]
I started to write the following blog post over the past weekend before I saw an article show up in my news feed that basically gave me pause for thought. Or at least pause for concern, to say the least. It was for an article on the Huffington Post called You Know God's Going to Change His Mind and Save Everyone in the End, Right? by Mick Mooney. I'm seeing a lot of my friends in the "Hyper Grace" camp -- of which on certain specific points I consider myself apart of -- champion a lot of his [Continue reading...]
The following post is an expansion of the one I wrote for this book over at Amazon after I finished reading it. If you liked that review, could you please click "yes" to finding it helpful? Thanks in advance. One person over there who gave it a negative review said Frank Viola writes in a "my way or no way at all" approach to how church is to be done. I found that hilariously preposterous since I didn't get that vibe at all. This is the first of his books I've read, and recently I just finished [Continue reading...]
This week we finally have Dave Edwards back on the podcast and talk about some of the latest goings on in theological internet-land. We recorded this episode a few weeks ago and the Left Behind reboot had just tanked at the box office, so naturally we get talking about it a bit and how much our eschatology shapes our worldview. Are our assumptions of end times correct? Then we segue into first century church life and Dave's thoughts on organic church and recent revelations on revival. Recommended [Continue reading...]
Oct 22

Wrath and Tribulation Are Two Different Things

Sure, I can see how they can be confused as the same thing, but hear me out. Not that I'm pre-tribulationist, but I want to help my friends out who hold to the pre-trib doctrine by giving many of you a helpful nugget here. This is also for those sending me emails and private Facebook messaged setting up straw man arguments about what you THINK post tribbers or amillenialists (or those of us who are both) believe without having bothered to actually look into it or ask one of them for yourself. Here's [Continue reading...]