Recently I was approached by Bryan Entzminger about being a guest on his podcast, Engaging Missions. Since I love to podcast, and to a lesser extent, love to do as little as necessary in producing them, it was great to basically get to record this but have someone else take care of the recording and editing. As we talked, he let me share some exciting things about how mine and Lili's ministry has shifted over time on the mission field, and some of the amazing things God has been doing in the [Continue reading...]
This week I got to interview Jeremy Mangerchine on the podcast to discuss his recent book The Longest Bridge Across Water: An Ordinary Man's Encounters with an Unordinary God. Thanks to technology, I was able to talk to him while he sat parked somewhere in New Orleans on his cell phone while I sat at my desk in Peru. I've been doing this show for years, and I still get jazzed up about the fact I can basically have a conversation with anybody in the world thanks to the internet, and record [Continue reading...]
In my last post, I Don't Care What Your Business Card Says, Mr Apostle, I touched on the theme of modern-day apostles and how just because one claims to be one, doesn't mean they truly are. The same could go with any leadership title or five-fold ministry gift. I just chose to start with apostle, but I wasn't planning on going after each of the five-fold ministry gifts or anything. It's just the disparity between an apostle then and an 'apostle' today is quite huge. Interestingly enough, [Continue reading...]
In our day there is a proliferation of men “who call themselves apostles, and they are not…” (Rev 2:2) I constantly get friend requests and new Twitter followers on a more regular basis than I used to, presumably as more and more people have discovered this blog or podcast or any of my Kindle books. I no longer accept every friend request, but encourage following my fan page instead. On Twitter, I feel no guilt in not reciprocating a follow. However, every so often I look at profiles [Continue reading...]
My thoughts this morning come to you after reading a couple of different articles. The first from Relevant Magazine that I read last night, but I'll get to that second. This morning I came across an article from Church Leaders called The Church Failed Millennials, Just Not in the Way You Think It Did. The author admits to being 27 years old, which at this point is not too many years younger than I am, since by definition I'm considered one of the older millennials. And granted, I'm writing [Continue reading...]
I started writing this article for nearly a year ago but never got around to posting it. When I decided to publish it on my blog, I was going to split it into two parts, but decided to leave it as it is. It's long, so I hope you have your cup of coffee handy, but if you're a sci-fi nerd like me you'll still appreciate the thoughts put forth. When I was a pre-adolescent, I looked forward to watching brand new episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Friday nights at 10pm on our local [Continue reading...]