I was bursting at the seams to share this testimony but my wife sincerely asked me not to share this on Facebook out of respect for the family it pertains to. Don't worry, it's NOT an appeal of any kind other than for lazer-targeted prayer for a specific family in our neighbourhood. The Quick Backdrop When I first moved to Chorrillos, south of Lima, Peru nearly three years ago, I lived with my now-brother-in-law Ronald who did a LOT of ministry with youth and teenagers in our neighbourhood [Continue reading...]
From time to time I take a post on this blog to recommend books that I think are relevant to my audience. I'm a reading machine, and if I were to review every book I read, whether good or bad, this blog would be more of a review site than a blog. So, I truly wait until I feel like I should review one. That doesn't mean each time I review something it will be a five star review or a one star review where I'm totally bashing something. This is a book that I felt like I should recommend, especially [Continue reading...]
That’s the phrase that kept popping into my mind as I sat down to write this post. Normally I have a title after I’ve begun working on a post, but this time, I knew that’s what the title needs to be. The other night before heading for bed I saw my friend James had posted a Facebook status that was rather poignant, encouraging and profound. “Many opportunities are lost by those waiting for the goose that lays the golden egg, failing to realize the demand for normal geese eggs.” I [Continue reading...]
In the world of technology, there’s a very simple (yet in reality very complex) concept called “compatibility.” For example, there’s certain apps that work on iphones, but if you try to use them on an android…good luck…it won’t work. While most people’s geek quotient (or “G.Q.”) is not high enough to explain why this reality exists (I am one of those people), a simple way to explain it is to say the iphone app is not compatible with the android phone. When we talk about compatibility [Continue reading...]
Note: Before reading my post, please know and understand I did not make any of the meme photos used in this blog myself, but found them on the internet. My use of them does not necessarily mean they reflect my own opinion, but are inserted only for food for thought and humor. Please bear that in mind as you read. Thanks! I accept the nomination. Who nominated me? Nobody. Can I still contribute something to the discussion anyway, in the form of a blog post and not a video of me dumping [Continue reading...]
Recently I was approached by Bryan Entzminger about being a guest on his podcast, Engaging Missions. Since I love to podcast, and to a lesser extent, love to do as little as necessary in producing them, it was great to basically get to record this but have someone else take care of the recording and editing. As we talked, he let me share some exciting things about how mine and Lili's ministry has shifted over time on the mission field, and some of the amazing things God has been doing in the [Continue reading...]