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Encounters With Jesus | Book Review


The following post is an expanded version of of my Amazon review of the book Encounters with Jesus: Forty Days In The Life Of Jesus Through The Eyes of Those He Touched by Benjamin Nelson. I’ve been acquainted with Benjamin online for a while now. He’s always been an encourager and champion of my books […]

My Most Widely-Read Blog Posts In 2014


We have reached the last days of 2014, and of course, like every other blogger on the internet I’m taking a moment to go over posts that were the most impacting on my blog’s followers, or that drove the most amount of traffic to my site. Or got shared the most. One of the things I […]

Most Important Books I Read in 2014


For those of you who have similar taste in books as I do, here’s a short list of the books that stick out in my memory after having read them this year. You may already know I read a lot. My “to read list” has over 600 books on it, and in my Kindle I’ve got […]

How To Get Audible’s Audio Books for less than $5 each

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Want in on a little secret? I don’t actually read all the free books I download. The hundreds of them. “Well Steve, neither do I.” Right, but I have a point in WHY I download a lot of them anyway even though I know it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever read them. Because I might LISTEN to some […]

Free Kindle Books — 13 Places to Get Them


Since I like to read a lot, and I read books fast enough that I’ve always felt they aren’t cheap enough for how often I read them, I’ve always been looking for deals or quality free Kindle books I can add to my collection. So, I am excited to have found some good reads for under […]

Reimagining Church by Frank Viola | Book Review


The following post is an expansion of the one I wrote for this book over at Amazon after I finished reading it. If you liked that review, could you please click “yes” to finding it helpful? Thanks in advance. One person over there who gave it a negative review said Frank Viola writes in a “my […]