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I thought I'd try something new on my blog, designed as a way to discuss openly what I'm reading, even if I haven't finished it yet. I don't know how other people organize their Kindle devices, but I have some books that are always on them at any given moment, such as Bible translations, which never changes. But I also have an "anxious to read" list, which has over 50 titles on it, and then between 7-9 of them graduate to my "currently reading list". I never read just one book at a time [Continue reading...]
Greetings friends! My latest book, 9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues: Crushing Myths and Fallacies about the Wonderful Gift God Gives Freely is now available on Amazon and in ePub format at our online store. I've been stunned to see how God has already been using it in the lives of proofreaders and early reviewers. Starting today, March 24th, if you purchase a copy of it in either paperback or the Kindle version and forward me your receipt, I'll give you the audiobook version [Continue reading...]
TunnelBug / / CC BY-NCIt's been nearly a year since I've started publishing books on Amazon for the Kindle. By no means am I a best-selling author (yet) and one of my titles reached number one in Pentecostal Christian books the weekend I launched it when I got about 60 people in my tribe to buy it on the same day. Other books of mine I've launched and nobody even knows I've written them. I've had success and failures. I've followed what other people are doing and I've seen what works [Continue reading...]
It's summer break here, and most of our students are in the jungle as are several or our leaders, so things are a little bit more low key than they are the rest of the year. For that reason I've finally been able to sit down and finish my next book (other than the Peruvian cookbook) tentatively titled 9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues. Right now it's well over 48,000 words, and I sent it to an editor last night. I'm praying about how to shrink it down to 40,000 as I want it to not [Continue reading...]
It's the last few days of 2013, and of course, like every other blogger on the internet I'm taking a moment to go over posts that were the most impacting on my blog's followers, or that drove the most amount of traffic to my site. Or got shared the most. This year I continued rocking my blogging mojo, but decided to branch out and guest blog. The highest profile place I submitted any material to was Relevant Magazine, which kindly posted my article What No One Tells You Before Going On Mission [Continue reading...]
For those of you who have similar taste in books as I do, here's a short list of the books that stick out in my memory after having read them this year. I read a lot. Like, my "to read list" has over 300 books on it, and in my Kindle I've got an "anxious to read" list of those whittled down to 40. I'm always reading 8 or 9 books at a time. With the amount of reading I do in a year, finishing at least one book per week, I made this list very quickly off the top of my head as the books that had [Continue reading...]