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Church Leadership: Is 50 the New 30?


Several months ago I was reading another blog post by Doug Paul, whose blog I follow to some degree since he works with 3DM, who I’ve been learning a lot from in regard to discipleship.  I started to write this at that time, but maybe because I was going to Canada soon after, I put […]

Did God Really “Tell You” That?

Did God really "tell you" that?

Admit it. You’ve told someone “God told me” when in fact, you know darn well He didn’t. We’ve all done it. We’re all guilty. Now, I’m not saying God doesn’t speak to His followers, but, I often times raise an eyebrow at how readily I hear people use the “God card” to justify actions of […]

Houses Are Buildings Too, Ya Know

missional community

The early church didn’t meet in homes because it was more en vogue than meeting at the temple.  Nor did they do it because they were sick of institutionalized religion. I was thinking recently about some friends of mine I used to have who swore off meeting in ‘church buildings’, because they felt it was […]

Facebook’s First Mobile Advertising Interface Was Built By An Intern | TechCrunch

I’m all about discipling and internships, no matter the area or context. This article was very interesting for me to read, however, it irked me as well. I’ve had a fan page for my podcast, Fire On Your Head, for about 4 years now. In the last year or so fewer and fewer of those […]

How To Get Your Podcasting Mojo And Launch Your Show


I remember reading an article somewhere online last year that said podcasting as we know it has already largely disappeared from view as attention has increasingly turned to social media over recent years.  The author of the article asked why has such a popular technology had received such a small amount of attention. If I […]

Radio Killed The Podcasting Star?

In the following article, the author makes the good point that we haven’t seen any podcasts come out of the woodwork and become as mainstream as some radio shows have, unlike what we’ve seen with some blogs that have become so mainstream they challenge traditional news. Radio Killed The Podcasting Star   RICHARD MACMANUS Podcasters […]

Podcast Directories – Are They Worth Submitting To?


If you have started a podcast, and are hoping to get backlinks to your show, or help get discovered, you may have come across the idea to list yourself in podcast directories. Nearly anybody can set up a podcast, but getting site visitors can be difficult. As a result, podcasters can submit their feeds to podcast directory sites […]

Cussing Christians — When Is an F Bomb Ever “Necessary”?

murdered love

Here we go again!  More cussing Christians. In case you haven’t noticed — because maybe because you’re not a frequent visitor to my blog — I’m a huge P.O.D. fan. I’ve shared their two recent music videos on my site. I just downloaded the new album off of iTunes last night, and listened to it […]

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