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I'm not personally a fan of Glenn Beck (nor am I an enemy!) so I had not come across this post on The Blaze recently until someone shared it with me. I had mixed feelings about this news because I didn't really find it to be news. Brownsville Assembly of God has been struggling with debt for years, ever since the revival during the late 1990s. J. Lee Grady posted something on it in 2006 when then-pastor Randy Feldschau resigned from pastoring the church, and the Brownsville Revival School of [Continue reading...]
Last Monday at our English language Bible study I help facilitate every week with a ministry providing activities like this for Peruvians learning English, we covered the Ten Commandments.  We are currently going through a chapter of Exodus each week, more or less, sometimes we consolidate a few chapters into one due to the content.  Since chapter 20 is on the ten commandments, we naturally had discussion questions on what each one meant.  At my table with the high level English-speaking guys, [Continue reading...]
I recently finished an eBook I had discovered from a fellow Google+ user named Tim Young.  Sometime, if I remember correctly, when Google+ first launched, many of us added each other with similar interests and discovered new tastes, books, websites, and so on.  This is the second time I've discovered an eBook as a result of circling a previous stranger.  As a result, maybe a month or two ago, Tim announced his book was free on Amazon Kindle for a day, so I grabbed it and finally got around to [Continue reading...]
Today's post is a follow-up to yesterday's post on "5 Things The House Church Movement Is Getting Right". It was loosely inspired by a recording I did recently for the Fire On Your Head Podcast with Mark Burgess and Shaun Wissmann, both missionaries to Peru, regarding the subject of "missional community". As I mentioned in the previous post, I was going to try writing a balanced approach, but when I sat down and wrote a list of pros and cons, the list of negatives came much more easily for me. [Continue reading...]
Recently I recorded an episode of the Fire On Your Head Podcast on the subject of missional community with Mark Burgess, and Shaun Wissmann, both missionaries to Peru. There is a difference as to what a house church is and what an missional community is, and many churches use both. Subsequently, this post won’t necessarily delve into those differences, but as I was getting ready to edit and then publish that particular show, I couldn’t help but think of some conversations I’ve had with [Continue reading...]
Today's post is the first in a new category I'm christening that I'll just nickname 'coffee thoughts', until or unless I come up with something better. The idea behind it is kinda like just random or general opinions I feel like sharing, but doing so during the morning as I'm reading email, proof reading a more detailed blog post or meditating on the Scriptures. What will make this type of post different is that it will be much shorter, and I don't foresee writing them every day, but they will [Continue reading...]