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I'm all about discipling and internships, no matter the area or context. This article was very interesting for me to read, however, it irked me as well. I've had a fan page for my podcast, Fire On Your Head, for about 4 years now. In the last year or so fewer and fewer of those fans would see the updates in their newsfeeds whenever something was shared. Then, in more recent months, Facebook launched another overhaul of how Fan page posts reach the fans. This time, they'd show you how many people [Continue reading...]
Here we go again!  More cussing Christians. In case you haven't noticed -- because maybe because you're not a frequent visitor to my blog -- I'm a huge P.O.D. fan. I've shared their two recent music videos on my site. I just downloaded the new album off of iTunes last night, and listened to it straight through and by the time it got to the last song, I noticed something I didn't expect. The F bomb. I'm inadvertently inundated by language like that on television or in movies, and try keeping [Continue reading...]
Today's blog post might not be news to some of you who follow our fan page on Facebook, where I already sorta stuck my toe in the water to see what kind of ripples my thoughts would create.  I'm seriously thinking of/ probably going to be almost certain I will be ending the podcast once we reach episode number 100. If I decide to, I plan on continuing to podcast in some other way after that,so it's not so much a conclusion as much of a reinvention. I have some ideas of what I'm going do differently, [Continue reading...]
I'm sure it's much to some reader's chagrin I'm writing another post about this,  following up the time I postulated that I might be considered liberal.  I don't have a fixation on the things going on in society when it's related to homosexuality, but, there's been so much in the news lately, I thought I'd point something out that needs pointing out, so please bear with me. First I heard of how Michael L. Brown, president of FIRE School where I attended and author of A Queer Thing Happened To [Continue reading...]
Dear leaders in the Body of Christ,  please do us a favor and just admit it when you get it wrong. You are much more "followable" when you do. I'll never forget the advice of my twelfth grade World Issues teacher, Mr Dobson, "Steve, learn to admit you're wrong or that you don't know the answer. People appreciate it more when you admit you don't know something than if you try to answer anyway." He gave me these words back in the spring of 1999. I had just given a presentation to my World [Continue reading...]
Good morning my fellow revolutionaries. I sit here sipping away at my stronger-than-normal Peruvian blend of coffee in my Tim Horton's cup, and as I think of some quick thoughts to jot down, what came to mind was the phrase 'types and shadows'. In the letter to the Colossians Paul noted that many of the institutions and commands revealed under the Law of Moses were, “These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ. (Colossians 2:17, ESV).  The same idea is [Continue reading...]