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Author, Podcaster & Missionary to Peru

If God Wanted Us Sick, Why Do We Seek Out Doctors?

Doctors stethoscope 1

Maybe I should rephrase my title, since I meant to say if we truly believe some sickness, disease, or cancer is a gift from God, then aren’t we in effect telling God we don’t want His gift when we seek out ways to alleviate that suffering? I saw someone in my Google+ stream post an […]

Do You Exaggerate Your Personal Testimony?


I was reading a really good biography on my Kindle these last few days, and quickly I became nostalgic of my own adolescence as the author was sharing their sordid past. I personally have never done drugs, I didn’t get into drinking alcohol or sexual promiscuity.  My life was pretty tame in those regards, but […]

13 Prophecies for 2013 – Same old Vague and Unquantifiable Stuff

Matt Sorger

“As he prayed about this upcoming year, prophetic minister Matt Sorger sensed the following 13 prophetic insights are to be decrees that we aggressively pursue for 2013.” I don’t really know Matt Sorger, and I don’t usually call out people by name, but when stuff is plainly out there on the internet for all to […]

When prophetic words don’t make sense at the time


I was just going through my original blog, which was started nearly nine years ago.  In the beginning I used my blog as more of a journal for people like my parents and friends in Canada to read while I was in Bible school in North Carolina, and eventually living in Holland for my internship. […]

Another Apocalypse Bites The Dust


Greetings my fellow peeps.  Sorry for the lack of updates until now.  As mentioned in previous posts, I moved, and even though it was four blocks from my previous place, it didn’t diminish the amount of complication involved.  Like internet for example.  It took ten days to get my internet installed. But I won’t be […]

Micro Podcasting: Why Cinchcast Failed To Catch On

A few months ago, shut down its services.  For those of you who never heard of it, it was a micro podcasting service offered by BlogTalkRadio allowing people to post recordings directly online, primarily using their cell phones. I discovered it because I saw someone on Twitter post a link to one of their […]