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In the world of technology, there’s a very simple (yet in reality very complex) concept called “compatibility.” For example, there’s certain apps that work on iphones, but if you try to use them on an android…good luck…it won’t work. While most people’s geek quotient (or “G.Q.”) is not high enough to explain why this reality exists (I am one of those people), a simple way to explain it is to say the iphone app is not compatible with the android phone. When we talk about compatibility [Continue reading...]
This week I was privileged to finally have Michael Dow on the show. He has spent his entire saved life in a few different types of ministries, one of which was a missional community called King's People in Charlotte, N.C. He now is apprenticing with Daniel Kolenda, of Christ For All Nations, doing massive crusade evangelism around the world. Shortly after having published the podcast interview/discussion I had with Eric Gilmour back in January, Eric sent me a message out of the blue suggesting [Continue reading...]
Recently I was talking to our leader Mark who mentioned something to me about someone in our neighbourhood thinking that for an organic church, we at Oikos are too organized and not spontaneous enough. I thought about that for a moment and asked myself internally or out loud, I can't remember: What does that mean?  And why is it a bad thing? At first when I joined Oikos at the end of 2011, I did happen to think we were more organized and structured than I was expecting, since the meetings take [Continue reading...]
Recently Lili and I joined The World Outreach Center as our US 'covering' or missions agency. Its director and founder John Cava was one of my teachers in Bible College, and oversaw my internship when I first went to Holland nearly a decade ago. Joining with a US-based organization will provide US donors a place to send their donations if they want to support us and receive a tax credit, and we didn't want to just join any organization that may take us. We felt a solidarity in vision and purpose [Continue reading...]
I'm currently reading a book by D. R. Silva called How To Overcome Sin: A Practical Guide To Freedom, and on top of that I just recently read the re-launched booklet by my pal and frequent podcast guest, Dave Edwards called Radical Purity: Simple Steps to Protect a Pure Lifestyle. Dave let me read it so as to endorse it, which I do. I am liking Silva's book as well, but I've not finished it yet to provide a real opinion of it just yet, but it's good so far. Both of these books come at the [Continue reading...]
Sorry for the lack of personal updates, or any updates in general for that matter. Life as a newish parent and teaching in ministry school have both made for a full schedule and busy life at the moment! For about a month now we've been praying for our neighbours by name on Monday nights. Frequent readers of my blog, subscribers to my newsletter or listeners of the Fire On Your Head podcast might recall I've mentioned previously that we would be launching a new missional community in our [Continue reading...]