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I started writing this article for nearly a year ago but never got around to posting it. When I decided to publish it on my blog, I was going to split it into two parts, but decided to leave it as it is. It's long, so I hope you have your cup of coffee handy, but if you're a sci-fi nerd like me you'll still appreciate the thoughts put forth. When I was a pre-adolescent, I looked forward to watching brand new episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Friday nights at 10pm on our local [Continue reading...]
You'll have to forgive me for yet another post about Amazon Kindle in quick succession. I've been working on some other updates and more theological posts about disciple-making for my blog which I'll get around to this week. With the timing of the new Kindle Unlimited service, I couldn't resist the urge to post real quick about it and then get back to my other planned writings. I found out about it on Thursday as a rumour, but then on Friday they actually launched it. For those visiting my [Continue reading...]
This post is written specifically for other authors who've written Kindle books or are planning on it. I've written previously why many authors make their books exclusive to the Amazon platform, specifically for the promotion benefits Amazon gives authors who are enrolled in KDP Select for 90 day intervals. When enrolled in KDP Select, an author has the opportunity to do one of two promotions during that ninety day period; either a free promotion up to 5 days in length or broken up into parts [Continue reading...]
From time to time, I get asked why my books aren't available on the Kobo/Nook/iPad, or [insert your non-Kindle e-reader of choice]. The simple answer? The vast majority of e-book readers use a Kindle device (like 55% of the market). The other 45% is divided over the e-reader options. I would sincerely love to accommodate those who encourage me and like my writing but simply have another preferred device for reading ebooks. Unfortunately, most of the other companies are NOT user-friendly [Continue reading...]
This week I was privileged to finally have Michael Dow on the show. He has spent his entire saved life in a few different types of ministries, one of which was a missional community called King's People in Charlotte, N.C. He now is apprenticing with Daniel Kolenda, of Christ For All Nations, doing massive crusade evangelism around the world. Shortly after having published the podcast interview/discussion I had with Eric Gilmour back in January, Eric sent me a message out of the blue suggesting [Continue reading...]
I have personally heard some sincere believers propose that a person asking the Lord for a dream, vision, or word of wisdom can instead receive demonic visions or satanic revelations. This teaching has effectively stopped multitudes from asking God for spiritual gifts or seeking divine healing, and it has been a widely accepted teaching in some circles for years. This concept is not found anywhere in Scripture, and in fact it is a direct contradiction to Jesus’ very teaching in the Gospels: And [Continue reading...]