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Free Healing Webinar

In case you missed it, we held our first Fire Press Google Hangout. OK, actually it was our second. The first time, nobody showed up and it wasn’t recorded as a live on air Hangout like this one was.

This morning frequent Fire On Your Head podcast guest Joel Crumpton joined me for what we called a Free Healing Webinar. Whether people needed healing in their bodies or wanted to learn more and get stirred up in their boldness to just go for it, either were welcome. I didn’t know what to expect and I shared my thoughts with Joel but he was down for it no matter the outcome.

Unfortunately since it was my first Hangout, many things went wrong and at first my dad, Heartstone author Tim Young, and Joel and I were the only ones present until I realized it was not visible to the public. By that time Tim needed to go, and my dad mentioned he was only interested in watching it live on air and not be a ‘participant’. Before Tim left a lady named Liz joined us and I realized after 5 minutes the camera was focused on her the whole time.

Attached below is the video, and if you’d like to be in a hangout with us, make sure to follow any of our social media accounts, whether mine personally or the Fire Press ones, and you’ll be notified when the next one is. Today’s video will give you a good idea of what to expect, only it will better as we learn how to properly do them.

Encourage your loved ones to come join us if they need a healing in their body.

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Steve Bremner is a Canadian missionary to Peru, who is called to raise up disciples who flow in the power of the Holy Spirit within a missional community named Oikos. If you like Steve's blog, you'll also like his Kindle books. Note: this post may have contained affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission if you purchase something recommended in the post.

  • Gentlewarrior

    I’d love to know where is Steve ministering in Peru. I am from Lima and will probably be travelling to Lima this coming Nov’ 16.

    I lost my right hearing back in 2011 (Sudden Hearing Loss) SHL, I wonder if anyone that moves in the area may minister to me. Believers have prayed for me several times but nothing happened.

    We could talk through Skype…

    Thank you,