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Six Years of Podcasting and All I’ve Got Is 100 Episodes

Photo credit: Let’s Walk Down Memory Lane –

Photo credit: Let’s Walk Down Memory Lane –

We’ve finally posted episode 100 of the Fire On Your Head podcast! It’s been an interesting six-year ride. Dave Edwards and I talk about the best (and worst) of the podcast over the years and discuss the direction we feel the Lord taking us in the next 100 episodes of the podcast.

I realize with the writing, editing and promotion of my latest Kindle books, that my other true digital passion has taken a backseat lately. So here, we’re back with a new episode of the podcast — a milestone episode at that!

I just posted it online today, and in the process of editing and re-listening to it now to make sure it turned out OK, I realized that even though I spent a lot of time doing the talking and reminiscing on it, there’s still plenty of stories and behind-the-scenes things that I forgot to mention. Or that I didn’t have time to bring up.

The Origin of the Podcast

I was recently listening to a favorite preacher of mine who must be well into his 70s or 80s. He talked about how in his early days of ministry the Lord put it on his heart to preach a series of meetings but he had no location or platform to do so. As a result, he rented the conference hall in a hotel and had to buy or rent chairs to fill it with. He made a flyer advertising the free conference and went around placing those flyers on the windshields of cars in various parking lots and bulletin boards at grocery stores in the neighbourhood.

On the first day of his event, he saw a small number like 6 or 8 people show up in attendance. Even though it was a “small” turnout, he was elated to have people show up to hear him preach because he was an unknown nobody and not very experienced in preaching yet.

For me, starting this podcast in 2007 was the digital equivalent of renting a hall, making a flyer, and placing them on the windshields of all the cars I could find. The only platform I had was my e-mailing list and social media, like MySpace which I used significantly more than Facebook at that point.

I was 25 years old, nobody was calling me or e-mailing me to invite me to preach anywhere. I knew I needed to earn my stripes in order to reach a point where anybody would listen to me. At that time I had no idea that this would become a significant platform of influence for me. In fact, fun as it was I had no idea anybody outside of the Netherlands — where I was living at the time — would even listen to it. Despite the crappy quality, I realized people were listening to it when complete strangers would start sending me friend requests on Facebook telling me they liked the podcast. Obviously it was for the content and not the quality, I’m sure.

It was also only after about a year and maybe 30 episodes I decided to invest some money into it and buy a professional podcasting microphone.  Now I have two, along with a noise filter and some better editing software.

I’m hoping soon to outfit my office with some sound-proofing blankets, egg shell foam and and get other equipments such as a mixer and a boom for my mic. Still hundreds of dollars off, but I’m going to get serious about increasing the reach and quality this show has. The average listener probably won’t notice the difference, but expert podcasters will. I will, but at least now, I don’t cringe as much listening to some aspects of the quality of the show like I did in 2007!

Stories that didn’t make the discussion:

Ask me sometime about the podcast Dan Slavin and I were doing on gold dust and angel feathers (different to the one I recently did with my pastor, Stephen Best) but our connection got cut off and we never finished it, so, it got scrapped and never saw the light of day.

Ask me sometime about the outtakes I have from the time Gregg Montella and SJ Hill and I recorded the 2009 episode called “Do Happiness & Holiness Mix?”.  I seriously thought SJ was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard at some of Gregg’s pre-recording antics.

Or ask me about the podcast with Dima Kurovskie on “Googling Your Glossolalia”, where I interviewed him about searching online to see if his prayer language had any known languages in it. That podcast suddenly took on a life of its own and got downloaded over 5000 times by people with IP addresses in China. People started PMing me to tell me what things they discovered when they were Googling their tongues.

Give us a listen and get stirred up with some of what the Lord has been doing in our lives and where we’re going with this.

Check out this episode in our Libsyn directory.

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