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6 Lies w audioHere it is! My book 6 Lies People Believe About Divine Healing is finally available and a long time coming. I want to thank readers and subscribers of this blog who responded to my call for volunteer proofreaders and who have written honest reviews for the book on their blogs and on Amazon. You mean a lot to me and I’m really grateful.

The introduction of this book is a re-write of the very first blog post I published in August 2004. I’ve collected a lot of what I’ve written on healing over the years and in 2010 began to write a manuscript, and finally decided to get on it and put it out there. I’ve prayerfully decided to make an e-book for only $2.99 to get it into as many people’s hands as possible.

OK that’s partly true. I’d like to make some money too while I’m at it. Aside from buying it yourself, here are a few ways you could help out as well if you think the book is worth sharing with your friends:

  • When you purchase it from Amazon, please consider clicking the share button to let your friends know about it on social media sites. Once you’ve purchased the book, you should see a prompt on the confirmation page that looks similar to this picture below. I think you’re totally awesome if you go ahead and click ‘share this item’.
  • While reading it, share excerpts from the book to your social media sites. If you happen to think something was quote-worthy and would encourage others, you are encouraged share it.
  • When finished reading it, just like the other two suggestions, you could rate it and share it to Twitter and Facebook. The last page of most Kindle books is a page asking you to rate the book and share it. Please do this and help more people with similar tastes know about this book.
  • If you have a blog, you could consider writing a review on your site and linking to the book’s page on Amazon.
  • Write a review on Amazon. See what others are saying here.
  • If you have a Christian e-mailing list that would be interested in subject matter like this, you could share the link with them.

6 Lies People Believe About Divine HealingLet’s face it, self-publishing digital material in this day and age is easy as pie. Marketing it however, that’s something else entirely. That’s why I’m prayerfully asking for your help spreading word about this book.

It’s my prayer that as many people as read this book will become encouraged and strengthened, as well as started on a good solid foundation in the word of God with regard to healing the sick or receiving their own healing.

Thanks for helping out and let’s destroy the lies that kill!

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Steve Bremner is a Canadian missionary to Peru, who is called to raise up disciples who flow in the power of the Holy Spirit within a missional community named Oikos. If you like Steve's blog, you'll also like his Kindle books. Note: this post may have contained affiliate links of which I receive a small commission if you purchase something I recommended.

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