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13 Prophecies for 2013 – Same old Vague and Unquantifiable Stuff

“As he prayed about this upcoming year, prophetic minister Matt Sorger sensed the following 13 prophetic insights are to be decrees that we aggressively pursue for 2013.”

I don’t really know Matt Sorger, and I don’t usually call out people by name, but when stuff is plainly out there on the internet for all to see, I don’t consider this inappropriate or some kind of “covering my brother’s nakedness” that needs to be kept private a la misunderstood passage of Matthew 18.

I follow J. Lee Grady, and in his latest Fire in My Bones email there was a link to this article and I gave it a read.  Or tried to. It usually surprises me when Grady, who normally calls out stuff like this, would include it in his email. I thought it was going to be something credible.  Instead it was just the same old vague and indefinite stuff that so-called prophets share every new year, that I don’t know why people get excited when ministers publish stuff like this.

I know some of my more prophetic friends are going to take me to task on this or be offended, or just tell me I don’t understand the prophetic.  That’s fine.

As I look at each of the thirteen things on this list, I feel like they can be for anybody at various points in their journey with Christ and can be wonderful encouragement to them.  I don’t have a lot of problem with the content of his points, but I fail to see why they have to be big words for the year for the Body of Christ.

This article doesn’t contain a single shred of specifics.  Many may ask “Well, how do you know God did not say this?”

All believers have some measure of discernment if they pray and study the Word of God.  I can get up and say “if you eat more fruits and vegetables in 2013, your health will improve.”  Simple, cause and effect if you take my advice, but does that necessarily mean I heard God tell me to tell everybody this?

Also, herein lies the beauty of giving such ‘words’: a vague prophecy can never be proven false and one will not ever have to be accountable for it.

It reminds me of all the year-end prophecies announcing the year of breakthrough and blessings and forgetting that we are not all at the same stage of our journey with God and that this year will be for some the year of testing like never before and they will get a better understanding of the book of Job and what it feels to have God test you almost to the breaking point.

I opened up an email in my archives from 2003, from another man of God and it basically had the same points in it as this article.  I can hear those prophecies year after year after year and nothing discrnible or quantifiable happens.

Im tired, I don’t buy it anymore.  Let’s just cut with the nonsense and get on with the Gospel.

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