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A Few Good Song of Solomon Resources

JGS SongofSongsI’m currently reading a commentary on the Song of Solomon, or Song of Songs.  This is probably only the second or third commentary I’m reading, but so far I’m really enjoying Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible by Paul J. Griffiths.  It may or may not lead to me writing again in that vein in the heart of intimacy with God through prayer.

That being said, I often times find that people cringe when I even suggest they’d get some kind of juicy nugget out of the song if they approached it with value to be obtained.  Some of my closest friends, who I hope won’t mind if I make this comment on my blog, who I know love the Word of God immensely–well, sometimes it feels like they tolerate me if I have a verse or an insight from this particular book that relates to situations.  I honestly think many people miss out immensely.  Like Griffiths states early on in the preface to his commentary, there’s many keys to things in Scripture, but they are spread out all over the Word of God, and laying in front of doors they don’t open. The song is a giant key to understanding MUCH of the love of the Bridegroom Christ towards  his Bride.

That being said, for those who it would interest, here are some things I’ve chewed on and eaten from that would help get you started if you’re really interested in diving into this simple but profound 8 chapter book of wisdom literature.  This list is not exhaustive, but will help get you off to a good start.

My Links

The first and obvious, but not necessarily as deep tool, would be to check out the posts I’ve written on this topic and that can be viewed in the related posts below or by clicking on the appropriate tags and categories.

SJ Hill’s material

Mentor, friend and frequent Fire On Your Head podcast guest, SJ has a wealth of knowledge and insight into this topic, and has taught on it in Bible College.   If you visit his site, you can find his series on it (for purchase, but highly worth it!).  But if you prefer to stream it but not be able to download it and listen to it in other methods, you can also visit The Father’s Glory which contains the 12 mp3s as well as other inspirational messages of SJ’s, as well as a free PDF download of his manual he teaches from in the course,  Song of Solomon: Rich Language For A King’s Loving Devotion To His Bride.

At the moment I’m working on getting his resources page working again, so check again in a few weeks.

Mike Bickle’s Series

I first listened to these in audio cassette format back around 9 or 10 years ago, and appreciated them immensely.  I’ve since re-listened to them a few times, only to discover that now on his ministry website, he’s got more recently refreshed versions of his teaching on the subject.  If you go to this link, you can hear get access to his 24 part teaching on the Song of Songs, or hear other individual messages on the subject here.

Bible Studies for the Preparation of the Bride: A Study of the Song of Solomon by Bob & Rose Weiner

This is perhaps one of my favorite resources I’ve had in a while for any topic.  It is a lesson book, which is presumably why it’s not available on Kindle format, because it has verses with questions and space for you to fill it out. The course has 31 lessons, and takes you into a profound depth of understanding of the subjects as well as brilliantly cross referencing with loads of other Scripture references.  Doing this course at my own leisure about two years ago really blew fresh wind into me and a further desire for studying and understanding this song.  I highly recommend it.


These are the top of the pile for now.  I may add to this list as time goes on.  I’ve read many other books and freebies that didn’t really impress me as much as these did.

What about you?  Do you have any Song of Solomon recommendations?

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