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Don’t Tell Me Christians “Hardly Ever” Talk About This

I’m sure it’s much to some reader’s chagrin I’m writing another post about this,  following up the time I postulated that I might be considered liberal.  I don’t have a fixation on the things going on in society when it’s related to homosexuality, but, there’s been so much in the news lately, I thought I’d point something out that needs pointing out, so please bear with me.

First I heard of how Michael L. Brown, president of FIRE School where I attended and author of A Queer Thing Happened To America, had the Facebook fan page for his book shut down by Facebook.

I found out that the page had been removed when the creator of the page posted on his personal Facebook page: “Facebook locked my account and showed me this, saying this page I created last year violated their community standards. Wow…” The note from Facebook contained a copy of the front cover of my book and stated, “We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”1

It should be noted, that I also agree with what he says in his article, in that Facebook was being ridiculous.  But there’s an irony I want to get to in a moment.  I think if Facebook is going to permit vicious anti-Christian pages in the name of free speech, then it should be consistent instead of catering to one group over another.  That’s beside the point of where I’m going with today’s post, and hope would be obvious to anybody paying attention to the double standard there.

I found out about this not only because I’m friends with Dr Brown and have a lot of respect for him, but because dozens and dozens of my Facebook friends and mutual acquaintances shared this post.  Repeatedly. As a result, more about the culture wars flooded my Facebook newsfeed that day.

News, Non-news, and Colored Cookies

Then shortly afterward, we heard of Oreo cookies celebrating gay pride.  I’ve seen comments all over the place about it and friends of mine threatening on their social networks to never eat the cookie again.  In fact, I wouldn’t have known about this if it weren’t for my friends sharing it on social networks, of which I’m willing to bet about 85% of my Facebook friends are Christians.  So again, that day my newsfeed was bombarded with thoughts and opinions about Oreo for publicizing their picture of a rainbow colored cookie.  OK, maybe not nearly as much as the Queer Thing page being censored, but still.

After that, the next things I heard about were that Anderson Cooper officially came out of the closet admitting he was gay.  This was not news to me, as for some reason I believed this was already common knowledge, but whatever.  I guess it’s been a slow news week if this is ‘news.’

Do you know how I found out about this?  I first saw Matthew Paul Turner, author of the “Jesus Needs New PR” blog,  tweet it.

Then, the other night or maybe it was yesterday, I saw someone share a post about how Facebook has ‘finally’ allowed a relationship status option that’s favorable to LGBT including the ability to show icons on the timeline for men married to men or women married to women.  I had failed to realize there wasn’t a way for them to already do this, but didn’t really care and am not sure why this is news.  I shared it with my social networks in case it would provoke conversation.  But, as stated, there are many things this week I’ve learned but failed to see why they are such a big deal.

Did I mention that I learned about all of these things through Facebook, by Christians–you know, who ‘hardly ever’ talk about being opposed to homosexuality?  Did you know that’s how I find out about most things going on in the culture related to this ‘culture-war’?  Yeah, because it’s hardly ever talked about and perception is reality.

If You’re Going To Boycott, Then Be Consistent

The thing that worries me the most is whenever Christians threaten to boycott anything, how ineffective it turns out to be and just helps draw even more attention to the product or service they try getting people to avoid.  I’ve not bothered to see if there’s a statistic or a psychological reaction for why this happens or if I’m just speaking out of my own assumptions.  But I’ve noticed, I often times never think about or care about some of these horrors until someone–often a Christian friend or acquaintance–posts something on Facebook and further draws attention to it.  Sometimes I come across things myself and share them to start conversation.

I know people want to boycott anything that ‘promotes the gay agenda’, whatever exactly that means and looks like.   The only problem is this is impossible to do without living in a cave and purchasing no goods from the rest of civilized society and living on a farm and growing one’s own food.  People who want to boycott every merchant who sponsors gay pride events and avoid buying any product that comes from a company who actively sponsors gay rights or ‘diversity’.  Here’s a list of public companies who sponsor GLBT causes.  You might as well just give me your mac and stop eating Ben & Jerry’s.  Here’s another list. General Motors and Ford.  Guess you’ll have to start biking to work.

And irony of ironies, people use Facebook, an allegedly “gay agenda friendly” social network to promote their boycotts of the various things to come along in the grapevine.  What would happen if some people put their money where their mouth is, and boycott Facebook and delete their accounts?

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