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Syncing Your Updates: How To Publish to Facebook & Twitter Using Google+

google plus logoUpdate:  Since writing the post below, there’s been constant updates to Google Plus and the various extensions to make things easier, and I’ve now started using this other publish sync for Google Plus and Facebook that works both ways and not just Google Plus TO Twitter & Facebook.  Give it a shot as well, if you prefer to use Google Plus and auto post outward to your other networks, then the following instructions are still good.


So I’ve been using Google Plus or Google+, however it’s supposed to be spelled–for over a week now.  I wrote this post when I first did.  I’ve been getting the hang of some things, but still trying to figure out some other things.  All in all, I think it’s a lot better than Facebook but just simply doesn’t have the user base yet to really help show if it’s going to be worthwhile.  I don’t think it will turn Facebook into the barren wasteland that MySpace became, but definitely is going to eat into Facebook.

At any rate, one of the things I wanted to know how to do was use Google+ the way I’ve used Tweetdeck for a long time now– post something in just one place, and automatically share it or syndicate it directly to my other social networking sites.  I primarily use Twitter and Facebook, and make sure that those are set up easily so visitors to my sites are able to easily share to those networks, since let’s face it:  there are a lot of social media outlets, but the majority of people are on those ones, so it’s important to update or be hooked up to them.

I found an extension for the Chrome browser, which allows users of Google+ to install it and then they can auto post/tweet/update to Facebook and Twitter, and probably other sites as well, but those are the ones I prioritized syncing my Google account with.

If you’d like detailed step by step instructions, I encourage you to visit my first Hubpage, and there you’ll learn how to do this.   They have a strict policy on duplicate content, so I wrote the post for them instead of my blog, so I encourage you to visit there and leave comments or tweet/share the post there—props if you share these things on Google Plus.  Someone else has also written a good tutorial here.

In the meantime, I’ve finally made my first how-to tutorial video on YouTube about about how to sync your Google plus to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you can watch the instructions there, or below.  My channel’s name is the same as my Twitter – FieryCanadian.  I plan on eventually posting some opinion pieces in five minute video clips much like Dave Edwards has done over the last year.  But in the meantime, I’ll do some more screen recordings like this one for things related to podcasting, recording, editing, and so on.

So, if you’d like to know how to post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, I encourage you to watch this video and share it with others as well.


If You Want To Manually Select What you Share

There’s another extension called Extended Share, which allows you to share content like links, videos and so on with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, however it’s an opt-in option each time you use it, and not an auto sync like the extension in the video.  The advantage I found with this one is you can share, or forward the things in your newsfeed to the other social networking sites.

The only downside to this method, is when you click on the buttons, your social profile opens in another window asking you to confirm you want to share, or sign in if you’re not.

These are the two best ways I’ve found so far.  Hope you enjoy!

Not on Google Plus yet?

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In the meantime, here’s an article on 25 Tips to Enhance Your Google+ Experience.

And Why Google Plus is About To Change The Web As We Know It.  And this author, John Naughton at The Observer thinks Google+ fails to rival Facebook.  Read his article Why Google + Social Networking = Electric Wok.  I also got a bit of a kick out of this review.  Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum,  this review writes How Google+ Ends Social Networking Fatigue.

July 16th update:  Now Mashable has published a complete user guide to Google Plus.

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    Thanks for the info!  I was looking for an interim solution while (hopefully) waiting for Tweetdeck G+ integration.

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